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Friendships Worth Keeping As Young Adults.

Life becomes more difficult on this phase as we become more independent. The quality and type of bondage with whoever is involved in our lives will be one of the powerful things to have our backs, as we focus more on how to survive our individuality in society. These relationship may serve as our backbones, or the open-road we can return home to, again and again, when working on our individuality suffocates us to the point we forget we are not alone and on the long-run, will realize that sustaining these relationships are one of the truest things that keeps life rich and purposeful. It's so important to find the right relationships. We want friendships that at the same time helps us grow. 1. Relationships that helps us  see ourselves  in the career/profession we've chosen. By the rare brilliant teachers. I'm lucky enough to have these teachers, that is able to teach me both, on how to be an artist and how to see myself in my role as an artist. It picks me back up

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